We develop professional software and machine specific applications, which are tailor made for the demands and requirements of the PCB Industry.

Thereby we take special care that our products are userfriendly and reliable, to reach a maximum amount of customer satisfaction.

With our ScoreManager you are able to create and manage scoreprograms for your scoring machines in an easy and comfortable way.

The clear designed user interface has been optimized for a comfortable and fast input of all necessary data, which makes preperation and creation of scoring programs especially easy.

It is possible to use the ScoreManager directly on your machines computer, or alternatively, to create your programs on a remote computer and send it via serial interface directly into the CNC of your machine.

Numerious plugins are available to handle correction tables, offsets, parameter lists etc., to reduce the mostly circumstantially input of data directly at the CNC of the machine to a minimum.

On customers demand it is possible, to expand the ScoreManager for use with other, so far unsupported scoring machines.

Overall, the functionality of ScoreManager  will relieve the handling of your machine, and optimize the daily workflow many times over.

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