Panel Cleaner

The Dynachem (formerly Rohm & Haas, Morton) Electronic Materials Hi-Tac Panel
Cleaner is designed to improve dry film lamination quality and reduce
rejects caused by surface contamination. It removes surface dust, fibers
and other debris from both sides of PCB substrates and phototool film
surfaces. The Hi-Tac Panel Cleaner is available in straight through and
forward/back models. The forward/back model is ideal for cleaning panels
prior to manual exposure.




  • Wide adhesive rolls
  • Up to 27 in. (686 mm) for the HTC-24
  • Up to 38 in. (965 mm) for the HTC-36
  • Anti-static system
  • Easy access for replacement of collection and adhesive rolls
  • FB models programmed to prevent removal of dry film cover sheets
  • All rolls separate automatically on shutdown
  • Variable throughput speed


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