The Dynachem (formerly Rohm & Haas, Morton) Roll to Roll Exposure Unit EU 1530 RTR is an exclusive unit designed to directly expose the circuits from copper on both sides, direct light rolls. The masters alignment is obtained by means of pins and the exposing accuracy is assured by the punching initially made. The 5 kw lamps power, with optimized values of cooling and working conditions, together with the high concentration of
optical group, allow for a very high yield. It has an optional refrigerator unit with water intercooler. It provides a high light uniformity throughout the exposure area. The EU 1530 RTR allows high productivity and has an excellent exposure quality.


  • Single drawer unit, simultaneous exposure
  • Copper roll winding and unwinding with independent controls
  • Very efficient lamps with selecting power between 2 and 5 kw
  • The copper web feeding occurs by means of a suction roll
  • The copper web feeding is controlled by an encoder
  • UV emission controlled by 2 energy integrators
  • Light uniformity throughout the exposure area
  • Accuracy 100 μm with dry film, 75 μm with liquid resist
  • Touch screen display operator in local language
  • Simple and quick setup of the machine for masters change
  • Accuracy and repeatability in feeding and width (within 0.15 mm)
  • More than 3 pieces/min. productivity
  • Forced air cooling system
  • The unit can be supplied with a water refrigerating unit

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