Hand held cleaner

In addition to our adhesive pads we offer high quality hand held cleaners.


  • Cleanroom / photo print process / AOI
  • Electrical test ...





Adhesive pads (ARB for contact cleaning devices)

The pads, which are provided with tearing-off paper, are designed for the cleaning of hand cleaner rolls.


  • Cleanroom / Photographic print
  • AOI
  • Electricalr Test
  • Exposer



Separation Foils / Slip Sheets

In order to protect your circuit boards against damage when they are stacked (vertically or horizontally), or to avoid that they stick together after developing, our antistatic separation foils are an effective solution.

Advantage over customary protection media (paper, cardboards) or over separating of the circuit boards (pallet systems):
Long-term use, long-term reusableness and saving of space

  • Available in various dimensions, thicknesses and colours
  • Material: Polypropylene / antistatic
  • Wear-resistent
  • Dustfree
  • Flexible
  • Standard thickness 0.3mm
  • Thickness can be increased by 0.1mm steps


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