The highly advanced Double Sheet Detector will
detect double sheets of any kind. The system is prepared for different
detection methods by use of different sensor types. The detection can be
done by one of the sensor types or the sensors in combination.
The detection system will automatically adapt to new products when changing batch. This requires batches of minimum 2 PCBs.


Actual sensor readings of copper thickness, measured
dimension or ultrasonic OK/Not OK are shown in the display of the
operator interface. Last 8 readings are stored and can be viewed.


Tolerances for measurements are preset manually in the operator interface.




  • Automatic change of settings
  • PLC control & SMEMA interface
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Red light alarm
  • Stand alone unit – easy to fit on the line



  • Optical sensors
  • Ultrasonic sensors
  • Copper thickness sensors
  • Combination of above Encoder input


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